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Women’s Conference Explores the Wonderful World of Mushrooms

Courtesy of Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

The seventh annual Mycelium Mysteries Women’s Mushroom Conference, instructing women on how mushrooms can be used medicinally, nutritionally, cosmetically and spiritually, will be held from September 22 through 24, in Almond, Wisconsin. Keynote speakers are Katherine MacLean, Ph.D., Cornelia Cho, M.D., and Anne Pringle, Ph.D.


Participants can learn, grow and celebrate with a community of amazing women and enjoy dozens of different workshops taught by leading experts from around the country, become one with nature and take in the beauty of 200 acres of serene woods overlooking a peaceful lake. Onsite camping or cabin lodging is available.


Cost: Varies with lodging options. Register at To win a free weekend pass, visit and enter by Sept. 1.

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