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Hope Academy Enrolling for Fall

students of Hope Academy pose for a pic

Courtesy of Hope Academy

Hope Academy, a private, affordable-for-all, Christ-centered, classical academy founded as an opportunity-equalizer for urban youth, is now enrolling new students for the fall. The mission of Hope Academy is to foster hope in God within the inner-city neighborhoods of Minneapolis by providing youth with a remarkable, God-centered education.

Today, Hope Academy serves over 575 students in grades K-12, with a vision of growing to 1,200 Minneapolis students over the next 10 years. A fast-growing school, many families are considering enrolling their children. According to recent enrollments and questionnaires, families have indicated they are movable in their receptivity toward God-centered education that provides an environment for their children to participate in a wide range of programs and experience a school setting that is large and diverse enough to not limit their children’s opportunities.

In a recent survey of parents at Hope, 80 percent said they recall visiting the academy due to the kindness and friendliness of staff, while 33 percent of parents said that the nurturing environment played a large role in their committing to the academy. These statistics show the genuineness and compassion of Hope’s staff for students and their families.

“We went through the admissions process, met some of the staff here, and we visited the school,” shares Hope Academy parent Sarah Naranjo. “Feeling so comfortable here, I was just like 'nope, this is a no-brainer, this is where we are going to send our kids.’” 

Location: 2300 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis. Schedule a tour at For more information, call the Admissions Team at 612-489-5154 and/or visit

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