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Summer First-Aid Care With Homeopathy

Aug 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Ashley Keul and Beth Bundy
Relieve pain, calm the mind and help the body heal itself naturally with homeopathy.

With just a few homeopathic remedies in hand, one can confidently and successfully empower their family’s health when the inevitable bumps, sprains and stings of summer fun occur.

Homeopathy is an effective and holistic system of natural medicine used to achieve wellness by millions of people worldwide for over 200 years. It is non-toxic and can be safely used with children, pets, and pregnant and breastfeeding persons. Remedies are inexpensive and readily available for purchase at health food stores or online.

Ashley Keul and Beth Bundy, CCH, BSN

When an acute injury occurs, follow these simple instructions for giving a supportive remedy while en route to additional medical care when necessary. To administer the indicated remedy in a first-aid situation, the general rule of thumb is to give one dose every 10 to15 minutes until symptoms noticeably improve. When the person feels 80 percent better, stop dosing and only re-dose if symptoms begin to worsen again. Less is more with homeopathy—remember to give time for the body to respond after a dose. Definitely seek medical care if needed.

Here are the six must-have homeopathic remedies to best support families in all summer adventures and beyond.

Arnica montana 30C: If one can choose only one remedy, make it arnica. It is incredibly effective for any type of accident, injury, physical over-exertion, trauma or shock, particularly where the main impact is from a blow, fall or strike from a blunt object that will result in a bruise or contusion. Given early, it will reduce swelling, bruising, soreness and pain. It is also excellent for anyone who experiences a sudden fright or shock after an accident, injury or hearing bad news. Symptoms may include appearing stunned, declining help when offered, or having a fear of being touched or approached.

Aconitum napellus 30C: The key use for this remedy is to aid with sudden fright or shock, panic, fear and anxiety that occurs when one witnesses, or is the victim of, any traumatic event or accident. The remedy can also be used for any sudden, intense, acute condition—especially after exposure to a cold, dry wind. The symptoms for this latter use would be the rapid onset of the early inflammatory stage of colds, fevers, coughs, diarrhea or ear infections.

Hypericum perforatum 30C: This is an excellent remedy for injuries to nerve-rich areas of the body (like crush injuries to fingers from being slammed in a door, or a fall on the tailbone), as well as puncture wounds from nails or splinters. It helps to ease symptoms of intolerable, shooting nerve pain that may feel sharp, hot, radiating, shooting up the nerve, or electric.

Cantharis 30C: The key use for this remedy is as first aid for burns and scalds, especially if they are intensely painful and blistering with a burning, raw and smarting quality. The person is often angry and irritable from the pain.

Ledum palustre 30C: This remedy is used as first aid for puncture wounds, such as stepping on a nail; tick and insect bites; and dog or cat bites. The affected area may feel cold to the touch with a blue hue but oddly feels better with a cold compress. One may alternate between this remedy and Hypericum perforatum 30C if the wound is in a nerve-rich area with shooting, electric pains.

Apis mellifica 30C: This is the number-one remedy for insect bites and stings, especially from bees and wasps, when the affected area is very swollen, hot and red. The pain is described as burning and stinging. Bites or stings may appear shiny, glossy or look like hives. The person feels better with a cold compress. They may be very restless and agitated from the pain.

These are some of the most common homeopathic first-aid remedies that can be used to support the body’s natural healing ability, even if additional medical care is indicated and one is on their way to seek it.

Have a fun-filled, joyful and healthy summer season.

Ashley Keul and Beth Bundy, CCH, BSN, are the founders of Fieldwork Homeopathy, based in Sheboygan. For additional support for acute illness or injury and to learn more about how homeopathy can help with chronic conditions, call Keul at 507-301-5904 or Bundy at 507-321-1148 or visit