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Impacts of Radio Frequency Radiation

Impacts of Radio Frequency Radiation

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The introduction of 5G mobile phones and infrastructure has given rise to concerns about their safety, as more than 1 million new antennas will be required in the U.S. Currently, the Federal Communications Commission and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection consider only the thermal effects (tissue heating) from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure as potentially harmful. 

A group of researchers led by Ariel University, in Israel, evaluated the non-thermal effects of exposure to EMF radiation on biological systems and human populations by reviewing in vitro [outside a living organism] and in vivo [inside a living organism] studies, as well as clinical studies on electromagnetic hypersensitivity and the epidemiological evidence for cancer due to the action of mobile-based radiation exposure. Although data derived from these studies was inconsistent, the researchers found supporting evidence that this radiation may contribute to cancer, endocrinological, neurological and other adverse health consequences. The researchers call for a more targeted, interdisciplinary research effort by national governments to ensure public health.