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Three Homeopathic Remedies to Ease 
Motion Sickness Naturally

Sep 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Ashley Keul & Beth Bundy
Photo by Andrea Zignin on Unsplash

Photo by Andrea Zignin on Unsplash

A summer in motion sometimes leads to motion sickness. Whether traveling or recreating by land, air or water, summer activities can occasionally cause queasiness. Simply match the unique symptoms of motion sickness with a corresponding homeopathic remedy to get back to summer fun. Remedies may be purchased at health food stores or online.

Cocculus 30C is used for nausea with great dizziness that may worsen with motion, odors, the thought of food or sitting up. One may feel tipsy, confused, anxious, weak, trembling or overly sensitive. Tabacum 30C can help ease nausea that incapacitates. One may appear very pale or greenish with profuse cold sweat and weakness, experience vomiting from the slightest motion or feel very faint. Cool, fresh air and uncovering the abdomen helps. Petroleum 30C can ease nausea and dizziness from rocking or undulating motion. Salivation and a horrible empty sensation in the stomach is common. Eating, laying down with one’s head up and heat can bring temporary relief.

Ashley Keul and Beth Bundy, CCH, BSN, are the co-founders of Fieldwork Homeopathy, in Sheboygan. For more information, call Keul at 
507-301-5904, Bundy at 507-321-1148 or visit