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Sage Wellness and Nutrition Uses Bio-Resonance Approach toward Holistic Health Coaching

Dec 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities
Michele Jaeger, Ph.D., of Sage Wellness & Nutrition utilizes bio-resonance in her holistic health coaching practice to empower chronically ill clients. Bio-resonance is a tool that uses frequency to gather energetic information to assist the body with returning to a healthy, balanced state. She provides a heart-centered space to be seen and heard, combined with bio-individual frequency imprints to help restore body coherence.

“Emotions, beliefs, trauma, inherited genetic patterns, nutrition, toxins, stealth pathogens and movement are all electro-magnetic in nature and become the terrain in which vitality or disease flourishes,” explains Jaeger. She specializes in investigating past emotional trauma that leads to disease, along with autoimmune conditions, fatigue, food sensitivities, sleep disturbances, anxiety and more. She has a doctorate in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she’s a graduate of the Full Body Systems functional nutrition program led by Andrea Nakayama in Portland, Oregon.

Sage Wellness and Nutrition is based in Minneapolis. For more information, email [email protected] or visit