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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

January 2024 Publisher Letter

Jan 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek
On behalf of our publishing team, at the beginning of this bright new year, I could not be prouder to share with you all the celebration of our 30th anniversary of Natural Awakenings. For three decades, Natural Awakenings has helped educate, empower and connect millions upon millions across the nation regarding holistic and integrative wellness, natural health and sustainability. My personal passions center on helping others, promoting health of body, mind and spirit, embracing the natural world and being kind to it. Hence, joining Natural Awakenings in 2020 was a natural fit for me.

As we unfold the pages of 2024, we invite you to bring Natural Awakenings into your new chapter. Whether you are looking for inspiration to stick with health habits, want to try something new, are curious about a new wellness service, or are seeking a community of like-minded people, this magazine may be the perfect thing for you.

We encourage you to utilize each issue throughout the year as a resource guide for your healthiest and happiest 2024. Both the inspiring content each month and the amazing partners who advertise with us offer valuable tools, support and insight that might be just what you want or need.

From bio-resonance and bodywork to wellness centers and wellness retreats, explore the multitude of services and opportunities that can support your best self. Have you tried holistic dentistry? Chiropractic or contrast therapy? Energy healing or professional listening? Perhaps a new therapist, counselor, or coach can help you heal, feel better and thrive.

Natural Awakenings has something for everyone, including children, adults of all ages and our pets, too. We welcome you to share a copy with friends and family to support their wellness and our mission, simultaneously.

On behalf of our team at Natural Awakenings, I wish you a bright, beautiful, healthy and balanced 2024.

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN