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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

5D Wellness Opens in East Bethel

Brittney Yares
18447 Hwy 65 NE, Suite C, East Bethel
[email protected]

Services Offered

5D Wellness offers a variety of top-of-the-line services to increase overall wellness. Rooms available with the highly sought after infrared sauna/cold plunge experience, contrast therapy with a hot and cold tub in one private room, salt/halotherapy combined with infrared sauna, red light therapy, and a king-sized crystal healing mat with bioacoustic features.

Areas of Specialty

“We are the first location in the Twin Cities with salt/halotherapy combined with sauna,” Yares explains. She adds that 5D goes above and beyond as a wellness company because they find it essential to provide education on services along with the benefits and risks for their clients for the best experience. “We have a Registered Nurse on staff who is also an integrative health practitioner, and holistic healing and wellness is her passion.”

What drew you to this profession?

“Making my own health changes and wanting to share the life-changing feeling and results of these wellness tools. Health and wellness is a journey; there is no end, and it’s always changing. I have the desire to connect with like-minded people and share this knowledge and passion.”

Updates for 2024:

Our grand opening is in January 2024! We are offering 1 FREE visit to all new customers.