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The Greener Guide to Choosing a Lawn Care Professional

Mar 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Patti Beres
According to local predictions, an early spring is on the horizon. Time is ample to anticipate the opportunities of warmer weather and prepare for landscape care. Consider these tips for selecting an eco-friendly professional provider this year to ensure quality results and maximum time for enjoyment of home and family.

1. Green Credentials: Look for certifications in organic lawn care, ensuring providers align with eco-conscious practices.

2. Local Expertise: Choose professionals well-versed in the climate and soil, guaranteeing tailored care while supporting local business.

3. Earth-Friendly Products: Opt for providers committed to organic fertilizers, low-impact weed and pest control solutions and preserving water sources to enhance soil for premier plant health.

4. Experience: Select a licensed, insured provider with a track record of knowledgeable service, ensuring quality and expert attention beyond basic maintenance.

5. Community Buzz: Seek referrals from neighbors and check online platform recommendations, ensuring satisfaction with service and alignment of personal and environmental values.

6. Clear Communication: Discuss paperless communication methods and effective interaction throughout the lawn care process. Success is a two-way partnership.

Eco-friendly providers embrace natural beauty and ensure safer care for people, pets, and the planet; allowing more time for what truly matters most.

Patti Beres is the owner of Be Green Pro LLC, in Delafield. For more information, call 262-361-4034 or visit