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Naturopathic Doctor Krissy Haglund Accepting New Patients for Mental Health Services

May 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities

Dr. Krissy Haglund

Dr. Krissy Haglund is accepting new patients at her practice, Natural Mental Healthcare, based in Savage. Through a natural approach, Haglund looks for root causes of imbalances within the body that can lead to anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, autism, behavioral disorders, postpartum depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Haglund’s approach towards care involves a combination of nutrition, botanicals, supplements, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and biotherapeutic drainage to naturally rebalance the brain. In addition, she offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a non-invasive treatment in which a patient enters a pressurized chamber and breathes in concentrated oxygen. This can help stimulate stem cell growth, reduce inflammation and enhance detoxification, and can be used to help conditions such as depression, anxiety, autism, attention deficit disorder and more.

Haglund obtained her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree and certificate in natural childbirth from National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland. “I live for the purpose of helping others live their best lives,” she says.

During May and June, Haglund is offering a complimentary four-ounce Hawthorn tincture (retail $25) to new patients.

For more information, call 952-226-4221, email [email protected] or visit