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Choosing Life Over Death: Using Food as Medicine to Heal

May 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities

Susane Moua

Susane Moua’s journey with iEat4Health began after a serendipitous encounter at a bookstore in January 2022. Her daughter Cali had struggled with intractable epilepsy for 12 years, prompting Susane to explore holistic healing through food after reading “Choose Life or Death” by Dr. Carey Reams.

According to Dr. Reams, “All disease is a result of a mineral deficiency.” This revelation prompted Moua to explore alternative holistic healing methods. Conventional treatments had failed to reduce her daughter’s 30 or more daily seizures. Moua then learned non-invasive biochemical testing to reveal vitamin and mineral deficiencies that impact a person’s health and energy. 

Guided by Dr. Reams’ principles and eight laws of health, Moua identified deficiencies in Cali’s body chemistry and adjusted Cali’s diet accordingly. This led to significant improvements. Within 28 months, Cali’s seizures decreased to five or fewer daily, alongside enhancements in energy, cognition, attention span, memory and overall well-being.

Susane Moua also improved her own health by addressing her biochemical needs through dietary changes, leading to weight management and restored hormonal balance.

Inspired by these transformative outcomes, iEat4Health now offers consultations and biochemical tests for clients seeking health improvements. By addressing mineral and vitamin needs and by using food as medicine, clients have reported increased energy, alleviated symptoms, better overall health and a newfound sense of relief.

Interested individuals can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Susane to explore food’s healing potential further.

For more information on iEat4Health, LLC’s services, or to schedule a free consultation with Susane Moua, visit, call 
651-412-4699, or email [email protected].