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Counselor Uses Bioresonance to Rebalance the Body at Sage Wellness and Nutrition

May 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson

Michele Jaeger, Ph.D.

Michele Jaeger, Ph.D. and founder of Sage Wellness & Nutrition, knows what it’s like for a new mom to struggle with low energy and fatigue while caring for an infant. A friend eventually referred her to a practitioner that offered bioresonance, an energy modality that assesses the body’s electromagnetic field for disturbances caused by things like bacteria, viruses, parasites, food sensitivities and emotions, and uses that information to help correct imbalances from detected interferences.

Through bioresonance, Jaeger noticed her health challenges improve. Jaeger also used bioresonance to help a close family member overcome depression. “Bioresonance helped detect a gluten sensitivity that had caused neuroinflammation, leading to neurological symptoms. The gut and the brain are connected,” Jaeger shares. “That was the catalyst for me to push forward in this area.”

Bioresonance has become a vital tool for Jaeger’s wellness and nutrition counseling practice. 

“Everything is made of energy that is condensed into what we can see in the physical world,” explains Jaeger, who has a doctorate in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Everything in the universe has its own personal energetic fingerprint, or signature, which can be measured in hertz value.”

During a bioresonance scan, Jaeger tests hair, fingernail, urine and saliva samples from clients against thousands of energetic frequency signatures. Resonant signatures are then imprinted into mediums such as homeopathic tinctures, structured water, patches or crystals for clients to use so their bodies can receive those frequencies. This can help restore cellular communication and correct imbalances.

Jaeger reviews the bioresonance results during each client’s initial appointment, which is approximately 90 minutes. She works with the client to put together their story and review what the bioresonance scan reveals. Visits include recommendations for ways that clients can improve their health through lifestyle changes.

Jaeger occasionally sees clients in person; in-person sessions involve the client holding two small electrodes during the scanning process.

“It’s like a software upgrade for your body’s hardware, helping it to regain homeostasis,” Jaeger relates. “This energetic imprinted information is very similar to a computer program that uses binary code to direct the flow of information.”

Bioresonance can be used to help alleviate myriad conditions such as autoimmune diseases, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, menstrual irregularities, mold exposure, Lyme disease, thyroid issues and more, Jaeger says. “Bioresonance is essentially like having a conversation with the body on the atomic level about what it wants and is ready to address. The answers are often surprising and validating.”

Jaeger has used bioresonance to help adults and children. “Kids respond beautifully because they have yet to build up layers of density and years and years of traumas.”

Sage Wellness and Nutrition is based in Minneapolis. For more information, email [email protected] or visit