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Your Healing Connection

May 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities

Mary Rice

In 2015, Mary Rice—who would later create Your Healing Connection—sought relief from Lyme disease symptoms. After a practitioner introduced her to the Emotion Code and Body Code energy systems of healing, Rice incorporated them into her healing journey. She practiced the therapies on herself and soon noticed layers of past trauma unfold and clear away, leading to emotional and physical well-being.

Rice later studied and became certified in the Emotion Code and Body Code in order to help others experience those same healing benefits. She founded Your Healing Connection in 2018. This past spring, she became certified in the Belief Code, the third level of the healing program developed by Doctor of Chiropractic Bradley Nelson.

Freeing Trapped Emotions and Rebalancing Energy to Heal

The Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code are energy medicine modalities that involve the practitioner dialing into a client’s personal energy and serving as a neutral conduit in order to help free past experiences stored in the body and rebalance the body’s energy system. The Emotion Code focuses on freeing trapped emotions and releasing “heart-wall” barriers that hold one back from achieving optimal health and happiness. The next level of Nelson’s program, the Body Code, focuses on releasing energetic imbalances and resolving physical, mental and spiritual discomforts. The third level, the Belief Code, is an extension of the Body Code and can be a missing piece of the puzzle for some clients. Rice explains, “It adds another dimension to my practice. The Belief Code is designed to empower clients—to help them understand their past and to act, not react, to the present and future—while supporting them in pursuing their goals and dreams.”

Rice equates the process to the law of attraction. “Negative beliefs in the body, mind or spirit inform how our nervous and immune systems work, and then that system adheres to that belief with every cell of the body. When you release negative beliefs of helplessness or hopelessness, energy is transformed, and the body’s innate intelligence allows the body to do what is designed to do, which is to heal itself.”

“Negative beliefs in the body, mind or spirit inform how our nervous and immune systems work. When you release negative beliefs, energy is transformed and allows the body to do what is designed to do, which is to heal itself.”

The therapy is non-invasive. Rice connects with a client’s energy through Mind Maps, which are comprehensive guides that help the practitioner determine energy blockages and trapped emotions. Rice also uses applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, as a diagnostic tool.

“I ask for underlying causes and what’s contributing to the problem. It can be a trapped emotion or traumatic event. It could also be blockages caused by environmental toxins like chemicals in our foods, poor air quality or pesticides that overload the body.”

Rice offers sessions virtually via Zoom, or by phone or email. The number of sessions vary per client and individual goals. The Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code can be used on adults, teens, children and animals. Practitioners study modules and practice on volunteer participants, and achieve certification by training through Discover Healing (

“This form of energy medicine can open up possibilities in ways you could never imagine,” Rice concludes. “Clients often come in for one thing, and another door opens that they hadn’t anticipated. I want to show people that there is another way to achieve healing.”

Your Healing Connection is based in Zimmerman, Minnesota. For more information, email [email protected] or visit