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The Power of Myofascial Release and Reflexology for Pain-Free

Jun 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities
Natalie Lang is a local reflexologist, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, reiki and myofascial release practitioner in the Nokomis neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Fascinated by the human body’s complexities, she offers a unique blend of bodywork therapies tailored to foster thriving, pain-free living with natural health methods.

Myofascial Release

Known as MFR for short, this practice emphasizes a gentle yet effective technique which applies sustained pressure to ease fascial restrictions that are caused by postural deviations like prolonged sitting, trauma, surgical procedures and inflammation. Myofascial release therapy is a safe and effective style of bodywork for all ages and is performed clothed, enhancing comfort without the use of oils. “The fascial system plays such an important role in our well-being, but it has been so overlooked in the medical industry. I really believe this modality is the missing puzzle piece we’ve all been searching for in helping clients live a pain-free, expansive life,” Lang explains.

Foot Reflexology

Additionally, Lang specializes in foot reflexology, a therapy rooted in a 5,000-year-old tradition that stimulates specific points on the feet to enhance healing, release energy blockages and improve blood flow throughout the body. This approach not only addresses local foot issues but also impacts various organs and skeletal structures, offering a holistic healing experience. “I love how I get to address multiple areas of the body just by working on the feet,” Natalie shares, underscoring her passion for providing comprehensive care through reflexology.

Location: New Life Massage and Reiki in South Minneapolis. Appointments can be scheduled with Natalie Lang by calling 651-757-6244, visiting or via email at [email protected].