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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Founded 2020

In Solidarity: A Learning Community

Founded 2020

In Solidarity: A Learning Community

Welcome to In Solidarity – a learning community created for people committed to doing the work of anti-racism. Whether you are just starting to realize how pervasive racism is in America, or if you have been doing this work for years, welcome.

In Solidarity is a place to learn (from amplified voices of BIPOC), share resources and have tough conversations in a safe space. This is a community where it is okay to make mistakes and missteps as we grow; a place where we can learn without causing additional harm in the wider world.

We understand that racial tensions in this country continue to exist because of white supremacy. In Solidarity is for those ready to get uncomfortable with themselves as we will be discussing systemic racism, white privilege, white supremacy culture, and more in small group learning communities made up of eight to 10 people. We will also provide a closed Facebook group where the members of all In Solidarity learning communities can come together to meet, engage and support one another through this journey.

It is important for each of us to accept that we are here to listen, learn, unlearn and lean into the parts of our history and culture rooted in white supremacy that remain engrained in our bodies and in the culture and systems of our society.

(call out) We are stepping up to do this work because if we continue to do nothing, these destructive roots will perpetuate.

In Solidarity is inclusive and welcome to all. The specific call out to Whites is to ask white people to step up, take a hard look at our role and privilege in perpetuating systemic racism and do the hard work to make real systemic change. This learning community has been established as a stepping-stone to help us learn how to work together and grow toward becoming actively anti-racist. We never want to put our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) friends in a position to educate us unless they choose to do so.

Please invite friends and allies who have expressed openness about learning more, to join one of our groups or lead their own. To learn more, contact [email protected]

WHO WE ARE • We are a group of people learning how to become anti-racist. • We are educating ourselves by listening to and learning from people who experience racism. • We are sharing materials and resources that educate and encourage thought-provoking conversations. • We are scheduling and participating in learning events suggested by people who experience racism and our members. • We are putting anti-racist ACTION behind our intentions. • We are holding space for each person to feel safe in exploring and unlearning our own biases, prejudices and racism.

DOING THE WORK We need to recognize and accept our white privilege to use it in the fight for racial justice and anti-racist action. This learning community is a place to educate ourselves and extend what we learn to our friends and family. These conversations can be difficult and uncomfortable, but necessary, because “when we avoid difficult conversations, we trade short term discomfort for long term dysfunction.” ~ Peter Bromberg

We must acknowledge the lived realities of marginalized people who are in a constant battle against the system founded and structured to oppress them. As we learn and grow together, we will give up our complacent silence and actively participate in the necessary work of social justice advocacy.

OUR GOAL The ultimate goal of In Solidarity is to co-create an effective anti-racism action strategy and develop our members to confidently carry out the work in their communities.

OUR CALL TO ACTION It’s time to step up. We intend to do the difficult work of looking inward to receive truth, do the work to reconcile our biases, prejudices and racism, and put into action all we learn in order to contribute to a more equitable and just community. We agree to hold each other accountable to our agreements. We commit to continuing this journey after it’s no longer trendy and the emotions of today subside.

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