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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Minneapolis-St Paul, MN 55414

Aero Dance Fitness offers GROOVE Movement classes, a fun, simple and exciting way to experience dance fitness that nurtures body, mind, heart and soul. A certified facilitator gives you basic choreography and you make each movement your own, even sitting in a chair. Classes use all genres of music and include dance, stretching and a brief meditation. No dance experience required. All fitness levels wanted!

Yes, you can dance! No, you don’t have two left feet. You could dance before you could walk, someone just convinced you that you couldn’t. No one’s watching. Just let yourself dance and your body will get what it needs!

The 5 GROOVE Truths: No one cares what you look like. Your way is the right way. No one can do it for you. You should look different. These are all just great ideas until you put them into action.