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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Sharika Kurumathur

The Art Of Living Minneapolis
2420 Clinton Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Mission To educate and strengthen the individual; and to create a violence-free, stress-free world. • Founded in Bangalore, India (1982) • Active in more than 151 countries • 25+ million people have benefited from its charitable programs.

Company Overview The Art of Living is a multi-faceted, not-for-profit educational and humanitarian NGO with a presence in over 151 countries. We are engaged in diverse initiatives aimed at uplifting humanity by bringing peace at the level of the individual, society, nation and the world as a whole.

Our flagship course is Happiness Program where you can discover evidence-based breathing techniques that quickly reduce stress and make meditation effortless. SKY Meditation has proven to reduce trauma, anxiety and increases a sense of calm among regular practitioners.

Visit the website for a free starter kit.