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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Leah Martinson

Visionairium Healing

23 SE 4th St. #201
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Integrative Health Coaching, Massage Therapy and Reiki Energy Healing. We all have the ability to heal, Feel whole and align with our purpose. At Visionairium Healing, we’ll explore the aspects of Well-Being you want to expand and grow while leveraging your strengths to facilitate your healing journey. Through Integrative Health Coaching, Massage Therapy and/or Reiki energy Healing you can find the support you need along your path. The Health Coaching practice incorporates mind, body and spirit as you discover your strengths, passions and motivations to expand and move forward. Massage Therapy and Reiki are supportive services to release tension, stress, pain and emotions that are stuck in the body. Whether you engage with just one service or a combination of the 3, you will be met with the utmost respect, love and compassion. At Visionairium we believe we all have the innate wisdom needed for healing and we can all benefit from support in unlocking our highest potential.