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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Katelyn Mariah

Katelyn Mariah, Visionary Artists and Intuitive

Founded 1989

Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA is a naturally gifted intuitive, visionary artist, and healing guide. She has been sharing her gifts for over 25 years. Her readings, like her paintings, act as windows into the Wisdom of the Universal Heart of Creation. They bring you the clarity that your soul wants you to know at this point in your journey so you can feel empowered on your path.

Katelyn's readings are unique in that she uses decks she created with her visionary art that act as stepping stones into deeper wisdom. Through her intuitive readings, Katelyn assists you in accessing your authentic self and sacred purpose.

Katelyn was a psychologist for 26 years. She also studied with a Peruvian Shaman, a Chilean Medicine Woman, and a Native American Medicine woman. She has studied the metaphysical for 30 years. She brings this knowledge and experience into her sessions, which are packed with useful information to give you a sense of clarity and direction.

Katelyn also does soul portrait commissions and Personal Spirit Animal paintings. Each included readings. Find information on her website