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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Intuitive Pathfinder -Amy Vasterling

It’s not you, and it’s not the child. I am Amy Vasterling, intuitive and teacher of parents of Highly Sensitive Children (HSC). Does your child demonstrate any of the following characteristics: anxiety, depression, shut down, overwhelm, apathy, lethargy? Is your child struggling to meet the stringent demands placed on them by school, society and their peers? Your child might be an HSC.

HSC are here to teach us how to listen to our intuition and to live as our true selves. With proper support, parents like you can learn to nurture their child’s innate intuition so that they follow their own path and live full, complete lives.

Intuition is in everybody. It is our birthright. While we cannot teach somebody how to be intuitive, we can teach them to trust themselves and validate what they are experiencing. This keeps their inner knowing uniquely expressed by them.

For me, it is all about connection. When we experience the things we desire in relationships, as we do when we feel connected, we thrive. When there is contortion, we grow confused. Somebody loses their power, and somebody else takes charge. This doesn’t work. Our world is calling us to shift in order to help each person thrive. There is hope, and I can help.