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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Higher Consciousness of the New Paradigm

Imagine a world where every being you encountered created its existence from a space of truth and clarity.

WORKSHOP with Mas Sajady
Raw, Up-Close, Infinitely Transformative

Live from Minneapolis, MN
Attend Online or In-Person

Part 1: MP3 - Frequency Healing Available Now
Part 2: LIVE - December 14th | 6pm-10pm CT

The purpose of this unique, frequency changing workshop is to explore and explain how Exponential Intelligence® works as a technology of consciousness, and its application to understanding and improving all areas of life, including subjective spiritual experiences and objective physical realities.

Since Mas Sajady's second near death experience, he has dedicated his life to the development of a pragmatic clinical science of truth that may be used as a compass to guide humanity's endless quest for truth.

This talk is for those who have ‘tried everything', 'traveled everywhere’, and yet seem to be ‘stuck’. Because the lower levels of consciousness are the most painful and difficult to endure; as we know it, the human mind seems incapable of discerning truth from distortion. The price of this ignorance and limitation has been enormous. Not only individuals, but also whole civilizations have gone through staggering amounts of agony and suffering.

Join Mas Sajady where, for the first time, he will discuss in depth the levels of consciousness - not only as a practical manual for life meaning, but also at a comprehensive analysis for spiritual growth.

Along with incorporating powerful, consciousness & frequency shifting Medihealings® throughout this accelerated workshop, Mas will work on and discuss:

  • the ladder of consciousness (originally developed by Dr. David Hawkins, PhD)
  • dismantling of the most agonizing frequencies (shame, guilt, fear, etc.)
  • experiential distortions & subjective blocks for the advancement of consciousness
  • how we can create an entirely separate world void of abuse, pain, suffering, & perpetuating damage
  • how to attain spiritual awareness
  • how to evolve to higher levels of consciousness
  • how to prepare for advanced states such as Enlightenment

Date & Time

December 14, 2019

6:00PM - 10:00PM

Add to Calendar 12/14/201906:00 PM 12/14/201910:00 PM America/Chicago Higher Consciousness of the New Paradigm WORKSHOP with Mas SajadyRaw, Up-Close, Infinitely TransformativeLive from Minneapolis, MNAttend Online or In-Person Part 1: MP3 - Frequency Healing... More info at axEakIwmdzNKaowyWmiv58927

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