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Quantum Color of the Month Club

Quantum Color of the Month Club: A New Way to Heal and Transform

Do you want:

• More color in your life?

• Access to Cosmic Levels of Light?

• To raise your vibration to the next level?

• Tools to transform the “STUCK” parts of your life?

Quantum colors are powerful agents of healing and transformation. I have been teaching and activating the 24 Quantum Colors of the Inner Diamond since 2002. My life has changed profoundly by using these colors. And I have witnessed the transformations they created for students who have taken the Inner Diamond classes.

To provide a deeper experience with these colors, and to reveal more of their healing effects, I have created a subscription-based program. (The Quantum Color of the Month Club.)

This monthly club will teach you how to use the 24 light frequencies (quantum colors) to improve your life.

Each month, you get tools to help you connect with the energy of that color pattern. Each month, you get practical methods you can use to improve many aspects of your life: health, relationships, finances—through quantum colors.

Each Quantum Color holds a vibration and a quality that helps us align with our highest self and our connection to the Universe. A partial list of the qualities and their colors includes: • Unconditional Love (Rose) • Wisdom (Yellow) • Healing (Emerald Green) • Compassion (Saffron Yellow) • Joy (Peach)

When we are disconnected from these qualities, our lives can become unbalanced and we can feel a little lost. By connecting to these colors, you give yourself a chance to re-balance.

If you are ready to create more balance in your life, to have a stronger connection with your higher self, and to access powerful tools to uplift you and your family, please join me in the Quantum Color of the Month club!

Go to this link to find out everything you will receive when joining the Quantum Color of the Month:

Date & Time

February 1, 2021


More Info

Virtual Event

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