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Treating Infertility and Chronic Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jun 27, 2013 10:53PM ● By Michelle Hamburger

Ni'cole Larsen

Ni’cole Larsen knew at a young age that she wanted to go in to the alternative health field. “I’ve always had an interest in health and the human body,” Larsen remembers. “I was an athletic kid and was treated with alternative therapies like chiropractic, massage and acupressure.” She learned of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) during a college career fair and believed it was what she was meant to do. She attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington, and graduated with a masters’ degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

In 2007 Larsen opened a private TCM practice, Acupuncture Institute, in Roseville.  Acupuncture Institute provides a variety of therapies, including acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese medical massage (tui na), nutritional counseling and personalized detoxification programs.

Patients at Acupuncture Institute can be treated for a wide range of conditions, most commonly infertility and chronic pain, which Larsen considers two of her specialties. “If someone faces pain or infertility, those areas really impact a person’s life. It is fun to make a difference and see someone’s pain go away or to help someone finally get pregnant.” Larsen says that the success stories have been amazing.

“Most of the time when patients come in with pain or a migraine I can decrease that pain within a few minutes if not take it away completely,” Larsen says. Infertility conditions tend to be more complex, but Larsen is witnessing patients who have struggled with infertility for years conceive without the use of fertility medications by following her treatment program.

Larsen hopes Acupuncture Institute will open treatment opportunities for people who previously didn’t know how to utilize TCM to their benefit. Initial consultations are free, and can be conducted over the phone or in person. Acupuncture Institute also accepts Health Partners Insurance and offers payment plans for patients making out-of-pocket expenses.

Larsen’s desire is to educate the public on the consistent effectiveness of acupuncture and to dispel its misconceptions. She says that acupuncture is the oldest treatment modality on the planet, yet many people are wary to give it a try because it is still a new concept in the United States. “A lot of people are scared to try acupuncture because they are afraid of needles,” says Larsen. “I want people to know just how painless the treatment really is and how good they can feel if they use it.”

Acupuncture Institute is located at 1700 Hwy. 36 W., Ste. 400, Roseville. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 651-636-0055 or visit

Michelle Hamburger is a marketing/sales representative and freelance writer for Natural Awakenings. She can be reached at [email protected]

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