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Workshop on Stress Relief for Women

Laurie Phillips

Laurie Phillips, owner of Big Heart Coaching, in St. Paul, is offering a workshop to help women find healthy ways to relieve the stress in their lives. The workshop will be held at her office from 1 to 3 p.m. on August 11.

Phillips uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) meridian tapping to help clients clear stressful beliefs and patterns. EFT combines acupressure (tapping on certain points) with self-hypnosis (repeating simple phrases) to help people overcome issues in their lives, such as weight, money and stress. She explains that the combination of gentle tapping and simple phrases helps shut off the “threat detection” part of the brain, which can get stuck in the “on” position. EFT interrupts the pattern of behavior to allow new, healthy patterns to be established.

Those unfamiliar with EFT can watch a video sample on Phillips’ website,

Cost: $25 before August 4; $35 thereafter. Location: 28 Benhill Rd., St. Paul. For more information or to register, call 651-225-0858, email [email protected] or visit

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