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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Stress Management Workshop

Vicki Langemo

Psychotherapist Vicki Langemo, of Coon Rapids, will offer a presentation entitled “How to Incorporate Stress Management Into Your Everyday Life.” It will be held at 10:30 a.m. on May 1, during the Senior Safety and Wellness Fair, at the Blaine Fire Station.

Langemo has specialized in coping skills such as stress and anger management for more than 20 years. “Most of us have experienced the feeling of stress building in our lives,” she says. “Our first clues may be a tightening in our chest, a clenched jaw or difficult breathing. The less obvious and deeper effects may include trouble sleeping, poor indigestion, tight muscles and inability to think clearly.” If that unsettled feeling goes on too long, she explains, it turns into chronic stress, which is a major cause of health, work and relationship problems.

Learning to release and reduce stress is a life-empowering skill. In her presentation, Langemo will explain how to recognize stress and will teach participants the six main components of stress reduction. Participants will learn how to improve their sleeping, eating, exercise and social support habits. Langemo will also provide more than 25 examples of stress-relieving activities and techniques while encouraging participants to add a dose of fun into their lives.

The workshop includes a catered lunch and refreshments.

Cost: $10. Location: 11920 Ulysses St., Blaine. To register, call Shelly Johnson at 763-786-9375. For more information on Vicki Langemo, visit

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