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Psinergy: Health for People and the Computers They Use

Six years ago, St. Paul-based Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness opened its doors. Wellness practitioner SchaOn Blodgett began his holistic health company by offering a variety of services and products for stress management, relaxation and general well-being. He was soon joined by his partner, technology expert André Thomas of Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul, whose additional business resulted in their “dual-sided healing company” for both people and their computers.

“Originally, Psinergy was only meant to be a holistic health company, combining the knowledge from the ages through metaphysical and esoteric studies with new scientific advancements of today’s world,” explains Blodgett, who is also an instructor in holistic health studies at Normandale Community College. “Then we decided to have another branch to the company, providing computer repair services that focused on also educating the clients on their computers and what they can do to avoid issues in the future. This is similar to what we do on the holistic health side of the company in regards to a person’s health- empowering the individual.”

Psinergy’s natural health services include Esogetics Holistic Medicine, such as Colorpuncture, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, dream symbols and many therapies including Ophthalmotropic Genetic, Infrared Pain, I-Ching symbol, crystal, color sound, ancestral trauma release, attachment release and brainwave synapsis therapies. Psinergy also offers Access Bars and Access Consciousness, BodyTalk Access, Reiki and Reiki classes, tarot card, palmistry and tea leaf readings and GoEnergetix homeopathy, botanicals and nutritionals, as well as Ayurvedic remedies and herbs.

When it comes to Psinergy’s technology services, “We're here to help” is the motto when customers have a “sick” computer. Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul specializes in the needs of individuals and small, local businesses. “Our focus is on repairing, when it makes sense, instead of contributing more toxic waste to landfills,” Thomas adds. “And we keep computer repair simple, because we know you already have a headache.”

He adds, “Just like the human being, computers need things like wellness checks (tune-ups), a strong immune system (up-to-date anti-virus software) and de-stressing routines (defragging). When things go awry, you want someone who specializes in bringing it back to optimal health.”

Blodgett and Thomas say their focus is on fair, honest and responsible prices along with experienced therapists (for both health and technology) that can answer questions in an understandable and applicable way. “We meet our clients at the level of understanding that they are at, and we enjoy having everyone leave here feeling empowered, either to use their computer better, or how they can be the master of their own health, or both,” Blodgett says. “Additionally, we talk with our clients as though they are our friends or family and truly feel that every single person is valuable and we work on conveying this with every interaction.”

In their new space, the partners have brought in additional practitioners for both health and technology, and plan to continue growing to meet the needs of the whole community. “We work to enrich our community through free-will donation wellness nights, and we work with select individuals, when possible, who would not otherwise be able to obtain these valuable holistic health services to make a positive impact on their whole lives,” Blodgett says.” We find value in seeing others around us succeeding and the joy and happiness that brings.”

To celebrate its sixth anniversary, Psinergy will host an expo from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 5.

Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness and Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul are located at 1553 Como Ave., St. Paul. For more information on wellness, call 612-217-4325 or visit For more information on technology, call 612-234-7237 or visit

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