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Therapy Spotlight: Heather Burke

Heather Burke

Licensed massage therapist Heather Burke, of Heather’s Therapeutic Massage, in St. Paul, offers microcurrent (neuromuscular stimulation) as well as traditional massage techniques.

“Massage and microcurrent together has been one of the most fascinating, healing combinations that I brought into my practice three years ago,” Burke says. She wanted to bring more relief to clients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme disease, arthritis, neuropathy and fibromyalgia, as well as carpal tunnel and repetitive stress discomfort, and injuries to the soft tissues, spine and rotator cuff.

Microcurrent therapy applies gentle, low-level electrical currents through electrodes placed in specific locations on the body to treat pain and inflammation. The process envelops injured muscular, fascia and nerve connection tissues with a frequency field that is identical to the frequencies found in normal, healthy tissue to promote and accelerate healing.

One reason she started using microcurrent was because of a friend with advanced Lyme disease. When he first began receiving microcurrent therapy from Burke, he could barely walk, talk or think clearly, and he struggled with Tourette’s syndrome and depression. “After his microcurrent sessions, he was a lot more energetic, relaxed, humorous, articulate, focused and able walk without his cane,” Burke says. Now, after three years, he comes in once a month for maintenance and is still making cumulative progress with each session.

Another client started receiving microcurrent and massage therapy two years ago. At age 50 he had been in extreme pain due to multiple spinal injuries from a ski accident 10 years earlier. He had broken vertebrae in his neck and mid and lower back and had been on high doses of painkillers. After receiving microcurrent and massage therapy once a week for three months, he was finally able to be on his feet for longer periods of time without having to lie down every
two hours, and he had more strength and energy as well. “It’s been nearly two years, and he is now completely off painkillers, and is able to live a more functional life,” Burke says. He now comes in for maintenance once a month as well.

“I’ve been excited by my clients’ progress after receiving microcurrent and massage therapy,” Burke says. “This has improved their quality of living, whereas before they were mired in physical pain.”

Heather’s Therapeutic Massage is located at 905 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 303, St Paul. For more information, call 612-812-3792 or visit

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