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King Tooth: Achieving Whole-Body Health through Natural Dentistry

Dr. Said

Dr. Sherif Said of King Tooth clinic, in St. Louis Park, prefers the term natural dentistry over alternative or non-traditional.  “The word ‘alternative’ suggests that we do everything differently, and we don’t,” Said says. “Basic dentistry, or placing in a filling, is the same no matter where you go. Natural dentistry is more of a belief than an education.”

A graduate of Ain Shams University School of Dentistry in Cairo, Egypt, Said says his upbringing and personal beliefs play the largest role in his desire to practice natural dentistry. “I don’t know if there are any natural dental schools, but I practice this way because we deal with the whole body instead of just a piece of it,” he says. “We see such a change in the people we help. People will say they feel more energy, more healthy all-around.”

What makes King Tooth stand out is the variety of options available for patients to customize and control their own dental care. “How many times have you heard someone question what was worked on in their mouth?” says Said. He believes people need to feel that they have control over their health, especially if they’re seeking natural options. Being in the driver’s seat reduces the fear that patients have toward dentistry, which improves their overall experience.

For new patients, King Tooth recommends Biocompatibility testing be done prior to any dental procedures. Materials testing helps patients learn their sensitivities and choose the safest the most compatible and least toxic options for restoration materials, bonding agents, and local anesthetic for their health. “Just as people have allergies to strawberries and peanuts, there are people who are allergic or sensitive to certain bonds in composites that we use,” Said explains. “What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.” Traditional offices carry one or two different kinds of composites, but King Tooth offers 10 to 12 varieties and will special order additional products if necessary.

In order to safely remove amalgam fillings King Tooth provides oxygen masks and high-powered vacuum systems to protect both the patients and staff. Old silver fillings contain mercury and removing them can be hazardous because of the microscopic overspray generated by dental tools as well as the toxicity of material itself. Said says the effects of a bad filling can be devastating. “Just one gram of mercury in a twenty-acre lake can make fish unfit for consumption for over one year,” Said says. “I recommend amalgams come out if they are defective in any way.” King Tooth also works alongside naturopaths and medical doctors to help patients who are suffering from health issues or seeking any type of heavy metal detox or nutritional counseling recommendation which may be caused by broken or leaking fillings.

As an often controversial topic, root canals are available to King Tooth patients should they choose them, however, they are not recommended as standard care. “Root canals are one of the biggest controversies in dentistry,” Said says. “We have to stay in the middle on this topic. There are studies that suggest that root canals affect your immune system and can cause all sorts of trouble. I also understand they may be the only resort to get out of extreme pain and still keep a tooth in your mouth.” There is a sharp line in Said’s practice between patients who are against root canals and patients who are not. He believes it’s important he honor his patients’ convictions because the alternatives, including tooth removal, implants and bridges, also come with their own safety considerations.

Said says that King Tooth aims to be natural and environmentally sustainable in all areas of practice to better cater to a patient base that is extremely educated. Patients are scanned digitally instead of with conventional x-rays, and the office’s all-digital system reduces the constant use of paper and ink. Tooth polish is flavored with essential oils instead of synthetics, and toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes given to patients are sourced from brands that keep health and the environment in mind. In an upcoming remodel, King Tooth plans to use only low- or no-VOC paints, chemical-free flooring and energy- and resource-efficient electrical and plumbing systems.

Said says that Chinese medicine links every tooth to a certain organ, and that anything going on in the mouth will have a direct effect on the body. Using a natural, holistic approach to dentistry not only provides high-quality dental care, but also takes whole-body health into consideration. “We don’t have anything that’s cookie-cutter here, and we put you in charge,” he says. “I feel very fortunate to be doing this.”

King Tooth is located at 6100 Excelsior Blvd., Ste. East, St. Louis Park. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 952-929-4545 or visit

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