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Minneapolis Farmers Market Sells Christmas Trees

Christmas trees arrive at the Minneapolis Farmers Market on November 24, and are available daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. through December 23.

Choosing a perfect tree from this enchanted forest is wonderful. The fresh-cut fragrance ignites memories of Christmases past and promises a merry future. Beyond the bracing scent are benefits galore. Evergreens are completely biodegradable. After Christmas, they can be recycled to benefit wildlife. Real Christmas trees are a renewable crop.

“Growers plant one to three new seedlings for every tree they harvest,” states Larry Cermak, Manager of the Minneapolis Farmers Market, “and when you choose a fresh-cut tree, you are supporting a local tree farmer.”

Christmas tree farmers, who start trees from seeds or seedlings, nourish the soil before planting, followed by months of tagging, shearing, and harvesting. With some trees growing as tall as 20 feet, harvesting is heavy, cumbersome work. 

The historic red sheds at the Minneapolis Farmers Market are filled to overflowing with row after row of fresh, fragrant Christmas trees. To wander through the tall, lush Balsams, the stately Frasers, the old-fashioned Scotch and White Pines is to be immersed in a forest of Christmas.

Lovely by day, the tree-filled sheds of the Minneapolis Farmers Market are positively magical by night, when they come alive with twinkling holiday lights.

Choose a Balsam for its lovely fragrance; a long-lasting Fraser to keep your tree all-season long. Growers will be happy to answer questions and to help people choose the perfect tree. They will also help load it. For a fee, they’ll even deliver it. 

Location: 312 East Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, For more information visit

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