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Join Self-Love Sisters Meet-Up

Jackie Mart

Self-Love Sisters is a new meet-up group started by Jackie Mart, a nutritionist and lifestyle coach specializing in holistic living, and owner of Optimum Wellness MN, LLC.

The group meets regularly throughout the month to discuss and share experiences and trials with body images. Mart has planned different types of activities to support self-love and growth, including a wide variety of classes and workshops on varying topics. Cooking, nutrition, art, self-exploration, yoga, fitness, movement, music, movies, jewelry, nature walks, makeup lessons and meditation are a sampling of the activities planned throughout the year.

“There are very few women who truly feel comfortable in their skin. The thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves and appearances can often make or break us if we allow it,” says Mart.

Mart started Self-Love Sisters because of her own experience with self-image issues; she wanted to find a way to encourage and support others who might be going down the same path of having an unhealthy self-image.

“My own journey is of self-love. I struggled with a negative body image, weight issues and eating disorder for over 12 years. I’m now able to share my story and empower and support others on their self-love journey,” explains Mart.

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