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Midwife Shows Beauty of Birthing

In her documentary, Midwife, Minneapolis filmmaker Allison Kuznia follows Sarah Biermeier (Geneabirth), of Minnesota, during her first year in practice as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). The documentary quietly shows the life of a home birth midwife, from prenatals to births, to postpartums, while also examining what the birth environment looks like in states where home birth midwifery is illegal, and families are left with fewer birth options. 

“I started out as a birth photographer,” Kuznia states, “and felt called to make this movie. With their quiet knowledge and expertise, and desire to support mothers wholeheartedly, thereʼs something beautiful about a home birth midwife holding the space for the birthing woman; I wanted to show the world what that looks like.” 

Twenty-two states do not allow CPMs to attend home births. If a midwife chooses to practice there anyway, she is faced with the possibility of arrest. In an act that should be simple, giving birth has become a human rights issue and a political event. 

Midwife shows the compassion and beauty that begin with birth, and encourages viewers to explore their options as to whom they choose to be in attendance at their births. 

The documentary premiered in the Twin Cities in late 2013, and is now available to stream or purchase online at

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