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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Experience Minnesota’s Premier Float Center

Awaken for Wellness opened Minnesota's first dual float tank center in St. Paul earlier this year. Owners Chris Richmond and Jesse Steinmaus are pleased to add this cutting edge therapy to their existing massage and Infrared sauna therapies. Along with their skilled and caring staff, they have partnered with wellness coach, meditation and 30+ year float veteran, Richard Bonk, to initiate Minnesota’s renaissance in flotation.

Floating is a therapy for body and mind that is experiencing a rebirth into independent and integrated health care, and becoming a large part of the health and wellness regimens of many people worldwide. Floating involves removing external stimulation from the body, offering users relief from chronic pain and stress, a fast track to meditation, and the ultimate escape from their fast-paced, everyday life. It is the perfect complement to the center’s existing massage and Infrared sauna services.

Awaken for Wellness offers two types of float experiences. The traditional float tank is what you would see in most float centers. They also have a unique, fully equipped 6’ x 8’ float room. “The biggest concern many new floaters have is that they will get claustrophobic. We eliminate that fear by offering a state-of-the-art, spacious room that you can actually walk into,” states Richmond. “I explain floating as an experience that is unparalleled by any other. It is kind of a welcome back to the womb—no lights, no sound, water and air temperatures matching your skin temperature; effortlessly floating, you are left with your mind and your breath. Now that is powerful stuff!”

Location: 1821 Saint Clair Ave., St. Paul. For more information and to make an appointment, call 651-493-0459 or visit

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