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Prevention is Key to Stomping Out Lyme Disease

May 30, 2015 09:26AM ● By By Paula Quinlan

Paula Quinlan

Spring has sprung. Ticks are hungry after a long, cold winter—don’t be lunch! Ticks detect the host by odor, taste, carbon dioxide sensing, temperature, air movement, moisture and light. If the tick repellent is effective at masking specific odors, the tick cannot smell, taste or identify its host and will simply ignore you or the family pet. When outside, use insect repellents—preferably essential oil-based, tuck in pant legs, wear light clothing, long sleeves and hat.

Lyme disease is a multiple infection, multi-symptom disease. One tick can carry multiple diseases at any given time. Know the symptoms of Lyme disease and the various co-infections. There may or may not be a bull’s-eye rash, less likely on children than adults. Other symptoms include flu-like illness; joint/muscle pain and swelling; lethargy; disorientation; disturbed sleep; change in bowel function and eating habits; fever; weight loss; seizures and tremors; neurological issues and more.

Common sense tips to prevent vector-borne diseases like Lyme disease include: check for ticks after leaving tick infested areas; brush pets before they enter the house; check skin and hair daily; bathe and groom frequently; talk to your local landscaper about tips for a tick-free back yard.

To safely remove an attached tick, use a long nose tweezer and grab the mouth of the tick attached to the skin; pull straight out. Clean bite location with tea tree essential oil or soap and water. If symptoms develop, for best outcome seek medical treatment for acute care.

To fight an infection, maintain a healthy immune system with a diet that includes 90 essential nutrients (60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2 to 3 EFAs), eat grain/gluten-free, add probiotics and enzymes, and drink adequate water for hydration.

Have a healthy, happy, tick-free summer!

Submitted by Paula Quinlan, Lyme disease thriver, healthy lifestyle coach, educator and speaker. For more information or to receive tick ID cards, call 612-719-0228 or email P[email protected].

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