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Grief-Healing Retreat Up North

Cheryl Downey, M.Div., retired hospice chaplain and founder of Sacred Wheel Center for Grief and Healing, is holding a grief-healing retreat, November 5 to 8, at Cove Point Lodge, in Beaver Bay.

"The Big Waters of Lake Superior are dramatic and moving, especially in November, and offer powerful energies to inspire grief healing. Water is a profound teacher and, like grief, is inherently changeable, deeply cleansing and life-nourishing,” says Downey.

Similar to her Florida retreat last May, which received great reviews, the upcoming North Shore Grief-Healing Retreat is appropriate for anyone grieving any kind of loss, present or past, since it is based on individual movement around the ancient Sacred Wheel through the use of reflections, guided meditations and art creations (no experience needed).

The cost includes beautiful Scandinavian-inspired cottages with lake views, wonderful meals, half-hour healing sessions from four local practitioners and customized grief healing teas and essential oils.

Downey has worked with death, dying, life losses and grief for almost 35 years, and has seen the immense benefit people can receive by acknowledging the grief that resides within them. “Grief, by nature, is healing movement, transforming painful emptiness of loss into creative mystery. By keeping a lid on the sacred well of grief's emergence, the awesome changing power of feminine energy flowing up from our inner depths, creating new life, is blocked. Each emotion has a story to tell; each awareness is a divine messenger. The innermost truth sings the song of life within. Beauty rests in each grieving heart.”

Cost: $650 due by November 1 (limited to 20 attendees). Call 612-272-3977 to pay by credit/debit card. For more details, visit and click on North Shore Retreat.

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