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Practicing Gratitude

Kim Kane

As we express our gratitude…we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~ John F. Kennedy

When we live a life in gratitude and replace seeing what is not working with what is, we feel a shift in the way we become. In a time when we expect all information and events to occur quickly and immediately, it is easy to begin judging what went wrong and not see all that is right.

Living a life through the lens of gratitude takes practice. Today, we are programmed to be busy. Often, the busier we are, the more we sense our value. The drawback is the loss of time needed to allow for those special moments that take our breath away. If we do not give ourselves some time during the day for contemplation, we risk losing our ability to find anything towards which to be grateful.

Being grateful gives us peace. It takes what could be seen as everyday, regular stuff and turns it into knowing that what we have is enough. Finding reasons to give thanks helps us to believe that even the smallest of gestures can change something as big as the world. A smile. An embrace that lets us know we are not alone. Watching a beautiful sunset. All are reminders of everyday moments that, when added together, create a life full of gratitude…if we pay attention.

We are lucky. We have built right into the schedules of life a beautiful time of year that lends itself to the settling in that needs to occur. Fall, especially the latter part, seems to emulate exactly what it wants us to do. Nature becomes quiet and dims her colors as a show of solidarity for all that is around her. She wraps around us a blanket of comfort as the wind brings in what is to come.

Take time this season to become present in all that is. Watch for the twinkle of a small light illuminated by the reflection of the falling snow. Find meaning and purpose when gathering with those of importance. Seek common ground and be open to learning. Create a challenge to live each day, answering these questions: Was I my best self? Did I allow for others to be theirs? Did I appreciate even the smallest of events and give thanks for what it gave to me? Did I live the life I wanted to today?

Be forever grateful for the life being lived right now. Give thanks for even the smallest of will change everything.

In Gratitude…

For more information about Kim Kane and practicing Gratitude, visit [email protected] or LivingLifeInTandem on Facebook.

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