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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Curate Your Life Workshop

Oct 28, 2015 04:55PM

Nea DalleValle

Join Nea DalleValle as she presents “Curate Your Life” in a one-day workshop, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., on November 15, in Burnsville.

DalleValle, a transformational life coach, says her specialty is working with people who want to connect to who they really are and create greater congruence between who they know they are and how they show up in the world.

The job of curator, explains DalleValle, is to look through a collection of objects, like artwork, and select the pieces that best tell a story or showcase the artist. This same selection process can be used to help people choose thoughts, beliefs and actions that support the life they desire.

Pursuing your dream does not have to be painful or even difficult. Learning how to work with the power of your thoughts, you can shift your struggles into celebrations, your fears into courage and your doubts into faith. The techniques taught in this workshop will provide the foundation you need to become the designer of your life. Curate a life you love and want to share with the world.

Participants will learn the five-step process to curate their life, how to create a compelling vision for the future and overcome limiting thinking and beliefs, while developing a personal practice unique to them.

“At the core of this training, it’s about providing you with the knowledge and techniques you need to develop a new thought structure,” states DalleValle. “Curating is about becoming very selective and making a conscious choice about where you want to place your energetic attention.”

Cost: $89. Location: The Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E. Cliff Rd., Ste. 105, Burnsville. For more information, contact Nea at 612-227-3854 or visit

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