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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Dowsing: A Way to Increase Energy

Annette Rugolo

Have you ever walked in a room and felt that something was off? Have you heard of sick buildings? The people who live or work in them are constantly sick. Have you, or anyone in your home, felt the presence of spirits? Do you wake up tired no matter how many hours you sleep?

What many people are beginning to understand is that the energy of their home is somehow affecting them—negatively or positively. Through the technique of dowsing, you can learn how to find the source of this energy and, more importantly, clear the negative and enhance the positive.

Creating more positive energy in your environment can result in better sleep, less anxiety, less clutter in your space and more clarity, ease and energy for the things you wish to do.

Have you ever considered why you choose to be in nature to get more energized and inspired? Most places in nature help you connect with a higher vibration of energy. The energy of nature helps shift your energy and you begin to relax and feel more expansive.

This same energy can be created in your home when the negative vibrations are cured. It feels like being in nature 24/7.

Annette Rugolo, owner of Conscious Life Resources, teaches classes all over the world. She also offers free 15-minute consultations. For more information or to sign up for your free session, visit

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