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Dowsing: Clearing the Air… Literally

Annette Rugolo

The technique of dowsing has been used for thousands of years. Some cultures have used it to find underground wells or minerals. It has also been used to create positive energy sites where thousands of people visit each year. This includes places such as Sedona, Arizona, and Stonehenge and Avebury in the UK.

People are drawn to positive energy places without understanding why. Until the early 1400s, most of the cathedrals of Europe were built based on dowsing information and everyone who enters these places of worship feels uplifted and inspired.

Annette Rugolo, who has been dowsing since 2005, uses the technique to help people create this same kind of energy in their own homes. Since everything is made of energy, there can be both positive and negative energy in the places we live. Negative vibrations of the earth can impact our sleep, health and overall well-being. One of the sources of negative vibrations is geopathic stress lines which are created by underground water or fault lines. ‘Geo’ refers to the earth and ‘pathic’ means illness; as a place is dowsed, the illnesses of the earth are healed, thus the home is healed.

To exemplify how dowsing changes energy, a woman who was experiencing migraine headaches for 15 years attended a dowsing class. She learned the technique and found that she was sleeping over two geopathic stress lines. When she cured the lines, her migraines ceased.

Additional sources of negative vibrations are transmissions from cell towers, radio towers and satellite dishes. In the home, these energies can create mental and emotional tension, an inability to focus, headaches and more.

When dowsing a place, Rugolo detects and then transforms dense, negative energy in a room, house, office or property to raise the vibration or prana (life-giving force). Using the Diamond Dowsing method, she clears the energy imbalances and infuses the space with light frequencies to create a supportive environment.

“We have learned the importance of creating pH balance within our bodies. When I dowse a home, I am doing the same thing,” Rugolo explains. “And when we live in an energetically balanced environment, it becomes much easier to bring ourselves into balance.”

Rugolo energetically works with spaces both in person and remotely using distance energetic connection. Once she taps into the energy of a space, she sees and feels both the positive and negative energy and uses her dowsing technique to find the source of the negative and cure it. She loves to help people become aware of the energy of their environment, and most of her clients feel the transformative shift immediately.

When asked if the energy shift is permanent, Rugolo responds, “Yes, the cures that are placed at the time of the dowsing are permanent. The earth, however, is not a static energy field—it is in a constant state of change and flux. One of the things that can change, for instance, is new geopathic stress lines can appear. This happens when there is a lot of flooding or earthquakes in an area. My main reason for teaching people how to dowse is so they can keep their own homes energetically cleared.”

When asked why she became interested in dowsing, she shared how it helped her own family. “Once I learned how to dowse, I immediately began dowsing my children’s homes. My daughter had moved into a new home six months before I learned how to dowse. Within days of moving in, my grandson, four-years-old at the time, began having uncontrollable tantrums and wouldn’t go to sleep at night. When I became qualified to check the energy of the house, it turned out there was a negative vortex in his bedroom and he was sleeping right next to it. I cleared it and the tantrums stopped. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t learned how to clear the energy in his room. I also wondered how many others were dealing with the same kind of situation without knowing it was the energy of their space that was creating their experience. After that, I became very passionate about teaching others how to find and clear the energy in their homes.”

Rugolo has been working with energy for many years, starting with a background in massage, yoga, qigong and CranioSacral therapy. Each modality taught her about different aspects of energy and she became especially interested in how to transform it. When she met Marie Diamond, a transformational teacher, in 2001, she began studying Diamond’s programs and became the company’s first certified meditation and dowsing teacher. In 2007, she was promoted to company vice president, a position she held until 2012. She is currently the Dowsing Coordinator for North America and teaches individual dowsing classes and a Diamond Dowsing Certification course.

Her next Diamond Dowsing Workshop takes place at the Sheraton Minneapolis West Hotel, 12201 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka. This two-and-a-half day event goes from 6 to 9p.m., February 25 and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., February 26 and 27.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit Sessions can be conducted in person or by phone 612-605-8608.

Kate Hillenbrand is a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and the owner of Gut Instincts by Kate based in Minneapolis.

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