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Tao of Sustainability: Cultivate Yourself to Heal the Earth

Gregory Ripley, acupuncturist and owner of Primal Health & Wellness, recently had his book published by Three Pines Press. Tao of Sustainability: Cultivate Yourself to Heal the Earth presents the traditional Daoist path of self-cultivation as a framework for bringing humans back into a sustainable relationship with the Earth. The book explores how health—mental and physical—is impacted by nature, drawing on research in the fields of green exercise, nature and forest medicine and eco-psychology.

Part philosophy, part meditation manual, part nature awareness guide, the author draws from a variety of disciplines and traditions, from Daoism to stoicism, eco-psychology to Buddhist mind training, the visual arts to movement (tai chi, qigong), providing numerous ways to reconnect with the natural world. "We do best as individuals, as societies and as a world community when we seek to follow nature, our source and our ultimate destination," states Ripley.

Ripley holds a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Tennessee and an MA from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Location: 11900 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 110, Minnetonka. For more information, call 612-804-3804 or visit The book is available from and

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