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Free Class: Hypnosis for Stress

Roberta Fernandez, owner of the FARE Hypnosis Center, in Eden Prairie, is leading a free class, from 6 to 8 p.m., on May 10, on using hypnosis to help deal with stress. The two-hour workshop, “Stop Letting Stress Manage You–Take Back Control,” explains how hypnosis can be managed.

“Stress is an underlying factor of 90 percent of all hospital and doctor visits and wreaks havoc with our business bottom line and our ‘body’ line. Using hypnosis can help you take control of yourself when everything around you seems out of control,” says Fernandez.

The FARE Hypnosis Center offers free classes every month on a variety of uses for hypnosis, including getting a good night’s sleep, sports improvement, quitting smoking, weight loss, relaxation, childbirth and much more.

Fernandez also offers training certification for new hypnotists as well as continuing education for certified hypnotists.

Cost: Free. Location: 8353 Crystal View Rd., Ste. 201, Eden Prairie. For more information, call 952-934-1315, email [email protected] and for complete curriculum, visit

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