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Subscription Box for Crystals Opens for Business

Crystalline Light is thrilled to announce the launch of My Crystal Bliss Subscription Box. For almost 20 years, Crystalline Light has offered high quality crystals, stones, essential oil mists, gemstone jewelry and other gifts at trade shows and online. Curated specifically to be unique and one of a kind, this new subscription box service continues to carry on the quality that Crystalline Light has prided itself on for many years.

Owner Jennifer Salness states, "In these days of busy lives and challenges in society, I wanted to share a way for people to feel connected and excited, even if for just a few moments. The gifts from the earth have a calm about them that allows for even a few moments of bliss. You won't know what you're getting each month, but you can trust it will be quality, personal and delightful."

Salness explains that the subscription box is “designed to bring you quiet meditation time each month, to delight your spirit with beautiful gifts from Mother Earth, and to facilitate a new awareness of your own inner wisdom.”

Participants can choose a three- or six-month plan where they will receive a surprise box in the mail containing two to three high quality plus high energy, one-of-a-kind crystals and stones; a crystal-related gift such as keychains or jewelry; a personal care item such as sage, bath salts or energetic mist; additional wellness and spiritual surprise goodies; cards explaining each crystal; digital bonus offers of meditations and printables; exclusive Facebook group for sharing plus surprises.

As a bonus for the six-month subscribers, they will receive access to the Crystal Energy Basics online crystal course (valued at $50).

“It's like your birthday every month. You're saving $15 to $50 on the full retail price of the included gifts. Each box is carefully curated with a clear intent of energy, beauty and connection,” says Salness.

Natural Awakenings readers, use the code NATC16 at checkout to take $5 off the first month's subscription on a three- or six-month plan. (Following months will be full price.) Expires August 31.