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Empowerment Concert Set for September 23

Jage and Dianem

Everyone is welcome to attend the Blessed by Music Empowerment Concert, at 8 p.m., on September 23, at the Metamorphosis Center, in Burnsville. Blessed by Music Empowerment Concerts blend inspiring messages with a variety of live music in alignment with a theme. September’s concert theme is Finding Ease and Flow.

Owners of Blessed by Music, Jage and Dianem are the dual performers whose style includes a fusion of inspirational songs, personal stories of transformation and information on energetic music principles. Together since 1993, this couple has each endured physical and psychological challenges which their love for music has helped them overcome.

“Music has innate healing qualities, including the ability to hold our energetic focus for longer periods of time. We’ve all experienced music that energizes, inspires, and soothes us. Music heals us in many ways, and it’s of great benefit when we use it to focus our attention towards personal development and inner wisdom consciousness,” explains Dianem.

“The gift from those health challenges was the awareness and experience of music’s ability to support my healing and wellbeing,” says Jage. “More recently, Dianem and I combined the concepts from holistic practices—like qigong, EFT, meditation, and affirmations—with the healing power of music. I use these tools to keep my life resonating with more gratitude and authentic inner joy.”

“Our work is an infusion of speaking and music, and it’s a new forum of presenting alignment principles. Our Empowerment Concerts pick a theme so that we can focus more thoroughly on an aspect of well-being,” says Dianem.

“Our aim is to uplift and inspire our audiences through healing messages and songs. There’s an expansive availability for self-empowerment in the music all around us,” expounds Jage.

The duo speaks and performs at a variety of venues including conferences, workshops, house concerts and empowerment concerts.

Cost: $30. Location: 1301 E Cliff Rd., Ste. 105, Burnsville. For more information and tickets, visit

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