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The Phenomenon Bruno Groening Documentary

Bruno Groening

All are welcome to attend the free showing of the documentary film, The Phenomenon Bruno Groening: On the Tracks of the "Miracle Healer", on October 22. The film and discussion will take place from 1 to 7 p.m., at the Carondelet Center, in St. Paul.

This film traces the dramatic events in 1950s Germany when tens of thousands of people, beaten down by the war and given up by doctors, throng to Bruno Groening, and countless heal by listening to his words: "There is no incurable, God is the greatest physician." Groening, a simple German man, took no money for the healings, saying it was not he, but God, who healed. He made headlines in Germany and around the world and stirred controversy.

Now, the full story is contained in this impressive documentary which includes original film and sound documents, archive material and over 50 eyewitness interviews as well as elaborate re-enactment scenes. The film is extraordinary in another sense: many viewers report that as they watched the film, they suddenly felt a power, a current in their body or a deep sense of peace. Some even reported the disappearance of pain, disability, addiction and other ailments. Groening died in 1959 but today the healings continue and are confirmed by medical doctors.

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is an informal gathering of people who have recognized the value of Groening's teachings, which are passed on through hundreds of groups that meet around the world. Instruction is given for the proper physical and mental attitude necessary for the absorption of divine power. The “healing stream”, which is clearly perceptible in the body, gives help and healing, even in cases of chronic, degenerative and serious organic illnesses.

Groening’s work was restricted to his talks on faith in which he appealed to those seeking help to return to God. He did not promise healing. Some of his talks have been preserved on tape and others have been written down by members of the audience.

Cost: Admission is free. Donations accepted. Location: 1890 Randolph Ave., Rm. 101, St. Paul. For more information, call 218-349-1571 or visit

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