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Belly Button Therapy

Oct 30, 2016 09:00AM

The gut hosts the digestive tract, a third of the blood in the body, about 75 percent of the body’s immunity and trillions of helpful microbes. Health can easily decline if this major area of the body remains stagnant. By stimulating the center of it all—the belly button—you can get your organs fit and healthy and relieve bloating, constipation and overall digestive issues. Belly Button Healing’s detoxifying and relaxing effects create a healthy environment for abdominal organs and gut microbes to function at their best.

In Eastern medicine, the lower abdomen is considered the reservoir of life energy for the entire body. As well, the navel is an important acupressure point used in emergency treatment to immediately revive someone who has suddenly lost consciousness.

Brain/gut connection: It’s not all in your head—happiness starts right there in your gut. Pushing your belly button can increase joy and happiness. Your gut produces more than 90 percent of the body’s serotonin—the happiness hormone—and about 50 percent of the body’s dopamine—the joy and motivation hormone.

5-Minute Solution to Relieve Pain and Tension

Just below the surface of your belly button lie extensive networks of nerves, muscles and connective tissue. By pressing and massaging your belly button for just 5 minutes, you relax tension and stimulate circulation in these networks so that fresh blood and oxygen go to your muscles and joints. This helps relieve pain from a stiff neck, shoulders, back and sciatica.

Because the navel is ultimately connected to all major organs and body parts, massaging different sides of the belly button area can help release pain or correct imbalance in corresponding parts of the body resulting in surprisingly immediate pain relief. Eastern medicine has used the belly button as an important pain relief acupuncture and acupressure point for thousands of years.

A lot of stress and disease result from disconnect between body and brain. With its rhythmic, mindful stimulation of your second brain—the gut—Belly Button Healing rebuilds this connection, awakening inner intelligence to take better care of your body holistically.

Belly Button Healing self-help kit as well as free workshops ((Healthy Aging or Pain Relief or Wellness at work) and customized personal sessions are available at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, 9672 63rd Ave. N., Maple Grove. For more information, call 763-208-4246 and visit

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