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The Rose

Sep 26, 2017 10:44AM ● By Chrism


The Rose is a symbol of love. That beautiful, rich red rose. Kundalini is all about love and the transformations that come from the multi aspects of love.

The gentle yielding love and the unyielding love. The phenomena based love of the divine in action.

The love of nurturing and the harsh love of lessons being given and received. The love of the Divine Mother as she guides and helps us to embrace our imperfections while transforming them in the process. The love of God upon the physical being.

The gradual unfolding of the bud into the brilliant living flower of such aroma and beauty that it has held the five bodies of expression in humans spellbound and in love in its grace for thousands of millennia.

The sharp thorns representing our ascension into our inner balance as we carefully grasp our issues and learn how to balance them through the grace of the Divine within us. The thorns of protection symbolizing the strength of the grace expressing through us as we learn to fearlessly ‘go and do’ as we are guided from inner grace to go and do in the outer world of challenge.

The rose captures us with its truth as the Romans understood; they would stand under the rose and obey its unspoken command to let truth be given and received in "sub-rosa" meaning truth under the rose.

The bloom is eaten and cherished and the petals strewn upon the ground by children and virgins as a marriage ceremony is about to proceed underscoring the sacred truth of the event.

Kundalini is as much a rose at the heart as it is a lotus upon the fontanel. It is as these two forms of grace conspire upon and within us to assist our reach into the inner and outer heavens.

Chrism is a California-based spiritual guide who assists people worldwide in the activation and awakening of Kundalini. He is returning to Minnesota, October 28 and 29, to present his fifth seminar in the upper Midwest, at the AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center, Mankato. For more information, call Rosemary Golias at 651-452-3161, email [email protected] or visit See ad page XX.

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