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Conscious House Concerts from Duo Dianem and Jage

Jage Keys & Dianem Singer

Dianem Singer and Jage Keys are bringing their heart-centered music to private residences and community locations. Through their companies, Resonating Well-Being and Blessed by Music, they offer performances of positive, uplifting music in a wide variety of styles, tailored to the event.

Singer and Keys met in the 90’s while writing and performing music for theatrical performances in Minneapolis. "From the start we've always enjoyed aligning our music to a message. It's especially fulfilling for us when that message brings positive awareness or unites people in celebration. It's so much fun to enjoy live music together," says Keys.

"With our company, Resonating Well-Being, our goal is to share an uplifting experience aligned with inner harmony and greater well-being. Bringing in conscious music enriches the space and allows everyone to feel the energetic shift in vibration and resonance," says Singer. "We enjoy co-creating a vibrant, positive atmosphere, from sharing music together with friends at a fun party to empowering groups with a particular focus. We also really enjoy including familiar hit songs that people love to sing along on," she explains.

Singer and Keys select the music for each unique Conscious House Concert to align with the group or theme of the event. They have performed for grand openings, appreciation parties, community circles, fund raisers and social get-togethers.

For more information, call 612-888-3869 or visit

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