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Boosting Immunity Naturally

Oct 26, 2017 11:54AM ● By Cheryl Larson

Western medicine is focused on chasing dis-ease. The system is flawed and broken with money being a driving factor.

Unfortunately, I tried to care for my amazing patients for many years in that broken system—a system where I would only be rewarded by pushing pills and shots within the confines of “evidence-based medicine”. Becoming increasingly disheartened by the lack of time to truly care for my patients, I became disillusioned with the system. Thankfully, and purely by accident, I found a way to boost wellness naturally.

Chasing dis-ease is not the answer to true wellness. The focus belongs on building immunity naturally. People can assist their bodies with the proper building blocks. Unfortunately, our food options today lack the nutritional blocks originally and naturally built within them. It takes eight oranges today to provide the same value of one orange 50 years ago. Now, more than ever, good quality supplements are vital to wellness.

All supplements are not created equal. Quality is the key and, sadly, this is a largely uncontrolled industry. Years ago, I discovered Young Living Essential Oils for my horse. They helped, so I tried them to help with my aching back. I found the relief I was looking for and began my research into essential oils. I discovered what today makes up my medicine cabinet—essential oils and my favorite product, NingXia Red.

NingXia Red is an all-natural, whole food supplement that is packed with 10-fold more antioxidants than most other supplements. Antioxidants are important in promoting wellness and are found naturally in fruits and vegetables. However, science is proving that fruits and vegetables today do not pack the same nutritional value they once did due to the use of insecticides and the depletion of nutrients in the soil. Free radicals run wild.

NingXia uses a subspecies of the wolfberry which is not only high in vitamins and antioxidants but also in fiber and protein. The juice is further boosted with pomegranate, blueberry and aronia berry and a blend of essential oils to help the cells fully utilize this natural goodness.

Two ounces of this amazing supplement daily will boost wellness to the next level naturally. I stopped aching and catching all the dis-ease going around in the clinic. I gained energy and even lost some weight. This supplement, and others from Young Living, boost wellness in all four generations of my family.

Cheryl Larson is a retired physician assistant who uses her knowledge of western medicine and the healthcare system to educate and train others in finding optimal health naturally. For more information, visit or call 763-464-2754.

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