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A Year of Inspired Living

Ignore those who say life doesn’t come with a manual. Kelly McGrath Martinsen has exactly the guide you need to make life richer and more insightful with her new book, A Year of Inspired Living: Essays and Guided Journaling for Self-Reflection.

This is the handbook for anyone who wants to embrace a better life. Through entertaining anecdotes and guided journal pages, A Year of Inspired Living helps the reader create their very own personalized self-help book.

Martinsen, who is the publisher of Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine, has designed exercises for each month that include room for reflections, lists to seize the most from life, and culminate in writing your very own “publisher’s letter”, just as she does in her magazine. The letter provides space to reflect on that month’s personal inspiration.

By digging deep and really talking about issues from the heart, Martinsen guides readers to contemplate their own feelings, hopes and dreams, including:

•           Narcissism: How often do you think it’s all about you?

•           Manifest: Can you really expect to attract abundance without putting in the work?

•           Food: In what ways does your relationship to food affect your life?

•           Tomorrow: Is the future your junk closet for things you don’t want to face today?

•           Kindness: Will this change the world if we become its conduit?

This interactive book also includes a hashtag (#AYOIL) so that readers can share their insights and experiences, giving solitary readers the group support they need to make lasting change for their best year ever.

A former pharmaceutical company manager, Martinsen now sows connections in the wellness and inspiration world and is at work on future books about living an evolving life, raising conscious children and applying the power of faith.

Available at, and other online retailers. Health Communications, Inc.. $12.95

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