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Hawaiian-Style Massage and Healing Arts Workshop Coming in May

Lomilomi is a healing form of massage and its unique form of bodywork has been handed down for generations through the ancient master healers of Hawaii. The hallmark of lomilomi is the loving connectedness between the practitioner and the client, which is why it means “loving hands massage.”

There’ll be two, four-day workshops scheduled between May 3 and 10, at Henderson Healing Hub, in Henderson. The first four-day workshop takes place from May 3 to 6, and will teach a full-body, 60-minute massage as well as an introduction to the history of the Hawaiian Healing Arts and Lomi protocols. The style of massage is derived from three different family traditions carried by Aunty Suzi, from the Holistic Honu Wellness Center, in California. The instructor is Olivia Hageman, who has been studying and practicing Lomilomi for the last 10 years.

The second part of this set of workshops will be taught from May 7 to 10, by Aunty Suzi Ko, Lomilomi and Hawaiian healing arts specialist. Ko will oversee the basic course as well as teach plant medicines, spa treatments and advanced Lomilomi techniques. The schedule for this set of workshops is available at

Workshops are approved continuing education courses by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Taking the courses will not make participants Lomilomi practitioners but will enable them to give an amazing Lomilomi-style massage.

Lomi works with long, flowing strokes to soothe the body and connect to the mind. Working with what they find in the body, the massage therapist customizes the massage for each person and this can vary at different visits for the same person as changes in the body are naturally occurring.

“For the past 10 years I have been studying and practicing Lomilomi under Aunty Suzi. This style of massage is incredibly powerful because it works with what we find in the body,” Hageman explains. “To start, you learn the protocol, but in application each client receives a unique session. The results from Lomi work are more significant than other styles of massage. Lomi has also increased the longevity of my massage career because when using forearms, you save your hands and thumbs from overuse.”

Cost: $90-$350 depending on workshop(s) selection. Location: 522 Main St., Henderson. For more information and to register, call 507-388-8315 or visit See ad page 11.

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