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Organic Bitters for Spring Internal Cleansing

As the seasons change, so do our health and supplementation needs. Many people will turn to bitters in the spring for gentle cleansing and detox. They have been used for centuries to provide relief from stomach upset and indigestion and reflux, but they also aid the body in internal cleansing.

Bitters are meant to improve or maintain proper functioning of the liver, such as to support normal levels of inflammation in the body, ensure that toxins are swiftly and effectively eliminated, coordinate the metabolism of sugars and fats, and process hormones. By placing bitters on your tongue, a reflex signal is sent through the vagus nerve directly to the liver, stimulating it to be more effective. Bitters may also support the healthy release of hormones like cholecystokinin (CCK) which stimulate gallbladder contraction. Additionally, skin can act as an early warning system that the liver may be compromised; by using bitters regularly to aid the liver, clearer skin can result.

Mastel’s carries Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters which has been making specialized blends since 2008. Their bitters aim to bring the powerful herbs found in nature into your home in an easy-to-use and effective manner. You can find their bitters in five varieties: Original, Citrus, Maple, Cider Vinegar and Calm Tummy as well as their Joy Tonic for occasional anxiety.

Location: 1526 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul. For more information, visit See ad page 21.

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